Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Capricoin Palace

Zeyan Zhang
3D Environment Artist
1st year senior

For this semster I am going to create a game ready 3D environment: The Capricorn Temple.

Background Story:
In Greek Myth, Capricons relates to the half-man half-goat demi god fauns, also known as the god of the wild, shepherds and rustic music.
Once upon a time, while those creatures were playing music for the gods' forest feast. An ancient evil being was awaken by their beautiful sound of music. Scared by the gigantic creature, all the gods fled, leaving fauns who were still into their music. After they realised that creature's approach, they jumped into the water to escape, since it was in a rush, they did not finish their transform, the bottom half of their body became fish tail while the upper half remained goat like.
Years later, a mysterious prophet declared that ancient creature was the ture god of unversive who was framed and sealed into prison, only the music of fauns would free him, and the lead of capricorns will guide him back to the throne. He and his followers soon formed a cult and craved the Capricon temple in the deep mountain.

Lets get this started!

1. I started with some pencil sketches, just to set the mood and think about the basic design.

2. Doing some line drawing sketches, during this process, I am mainly thinking about the shape design of each prop..

3. After finishing line sketch, I scanned them and start to play with color and lighting on Photoshop

Below is the color&lighting I decided to go with. knowing I will have to adjust tons of things later on, I will not spend too much time on this drawing.

4. Starting to block in stuff in 3DMax,at the same time I am trying to figure out the exact proportion of each object. Also, I am trying to improve the scene, notice I added a stairway in front of the throne:)

5.After talking to some industry professionals, I decided to narrow the scene down a little bit. So right now I am going to focus the shot below first, trying to get the best quality as i can.

6. I bring that 3Dmax Screenshot back to photoshop for a quick paint-over. Now I see more problems to fix :/

7. By pushing the shapes, I added some visual interests to the scene.

8. Go back to 3DMAX and fix the model to match my paint-over.

9. UV done &Starting to paint textures...



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